Face to face meetings are held in Dublin and Westmeath, Ireland, By phone if you prefer, or online via doxy.me 


Every meeting provides a unique opportunity to invest in your own inner development. You do not have to be struggling with a particular problem to make an appointment. As an accredited psychotherapist since 1994 my aim is to support human beings to flourish. Do call to learn more.


Suffering is an inevitable part of the human condition. My aim is:

  • to provide a human listening presence
  • to respond to your questions
  • to offer sound realistic and ethical support
  • to teach easily applied everyday inner life skills
  • to support building resilience without hardening the heart


SuperVision is a service that offers a collaborative, insightful and helpful encounter to address interpersonal and work related issues. Anything from dealing with difficult managers / customers to the complexity of discovering how to let your natural skills and talents shine in everything you do.

Ethics Consultation

Are you bothered and bewildered by an ethical issue? The aim of Virtue Ethics Ireland is to help and encourage people who are interested in ethics to reflect on what it means to live a good and flourishing human life. As one of the first graduates (2011) of the MA in Ethics, at Dublin City University, I also teach clients how to systematically approach an ethical dilemma whether it arises in their personal lives or workplace  Ethics consultations can be provided on an individual or group basis.

Human Flourishing Consultation 

It is natural and reasonable to have uncomfortable thoughts and feelings at certain times. My clients find it practical and useful to learn what history teaches about the general patterns and pitfalls of the human condition. All too often people think there is something seriously wrong with them when there is not.

Spiritual Direction

What precisely people mean when they call themselves spiritual beings is as varied as each individual person. This service aims to help unravel the often tangled web of ideas, attitudes and beliefs that can make it hard to recognize the call of the soul from deep within.

Workshop facilitation

My aim is to support human beings to flourish which means different things to different people. By designing and facilitating workshops tailored specifically to meet the needs of participants my workshops facilitate greater learning in a creative, dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere.

Conversation Cafe Host

Conversation Café is a professionally facilitated process designed to allow the organic nature of an authentic human conversation to happen. The aim is to support and encourage people to experience how a seemingly ordinary conversation can flourish and accommodate the extraordinary.

Conversations about Death Host

One of the foremost names to speak publicly about death was Elisabeth Kübler Ross. When the fear of death is lessened, by speaking about it, people are often relieved and thus able to address practical matters such as making a will or letting someone know their particular end of life preferences.

Christian Yoga

Yoga is a simple little word that describes an ancient tradition notable for promoting the relationship between the ethical thinking that underpins the principles of yoga and a range of daily practices. Personal tuition is available for individuals interested in an approach that is not in conflict with Christian principles.

Grief Counselling: Elisabeth Kubler- Ross approach

When you think of grief and loss what is your first thought? My guess is that you answered tears or sadness. Tears and sadness are indeed part of the process but there is far more to it according to Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who was renowned for her pioneering work in breaking the silence around death and dying with the publication of her first book On Death and Dying in 1969.  To make an appointment with a skilled professional who trained with the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation do give me a call.


Bespoke lecturing service within my areas of expertise where each presentation is designed to meet the needs of the audience. One such example is a full day programme: Ethical and Legal Issues in Psychotherapy Supervision delivered to psychotherapy doctoral students and those completing the Professional Diploma in Clinical Supervision at Dublin City University.

CPD Provider

Fed up attending CPD events that do not nourish or enliven you? My service aims to provided CPD on an individual or group basis specifically designed to meet your, or your employees, current needs. Call me to learn more? 

Energy of Money Consultation 

Many people experience great stress dealing with money that is often not related to the amount of money they have access to. Exploring The Energy of Money with Mary is about revealing the hidden attitudes and obstacles that may be influencing how you deal with money.

Any questions about how I can assist you?

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