Are you concerned that psychotherapy is not regulated in Ireland?

  • Do you want to talk to a professional but can't figure out who to trust?
  • Are you confused by a plethora of jargon?

Mary understands your dilemma and aims to give you some clear background as to her standards.

Mary's ethical guideline is The UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights

- Your dignity and welfare is a priority to Mary.

- Mary aims to offer you some benefit and do you no harm.

- Mary respects your capacity to make decisions and take full responsibility for them.

- Your questions are always welcome.

- Mary respects your human vulnerability and integrity.

- Mary expects to earn your trust and welcomes hearing what concerns you.

- Whatever work Mary undertakes can only happen in an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.

Any questions about how I can assist you?

Contact me directly

Phone:  +353-86-8545407