Many people experience great stress dealing with money that is often not related to the amount of money they have access to. Exploring The Energy of Money with Mary is more about revealing the hidden attitudes and obstacles that may be influencing how you deal with money.

  • Do you dread dealing with money?
  • Does your finger grow longer when you have bank statements to reconcile?
  • What happens to you when you have to face paying bills?
  • Do you sometimes dream about winning the lottery - that life would be so much better if you had more money?
  • Do your wants greatly exceed your needs?
  • Do you hoard or let your money flow?
  • Do you regularly spend more than you earn thinking you will sort it out sometime in the future?
  • Do you value yourself or others by the amount of money you have?
  • Do you ever think there may be more to it?

The Energy of Money is a concept I developed to help people to discover how they can minimise the stress in dealing with money. The experience is designed to be enjoyable and to save you TIME, MONEY and HEARTACHE. Call me when you ready for a dynamic, creative, and enjoyable experience designed to meet YOUR needs.

The benefits can help you personally and professionally regardless of how you earn your living.  Questioning our beliefs, attitudes and responses to money can prove to be very worthwhile.  Discovering how your sense of self is connected to money can be quite revealing.

Consider investing in yourself by taking the opportunity to step back and explore your relationship to money with the aid of a skilled professional. The Energy of Money is different to the usual talk about money which is generally limited to how to save, earn or invest money. 

As a medium of exchange, we each interact with money on a regular basis in more or less the same ways; shopping, managing bank accounts, paying mortgages, operating credit cards, maybe even saving some money along the way.

My experience of growing up in a business environment meant I was exposed to the various aspects of money from an early age. Many years later when working as a Tax Inspector with the Irish Revenue Commissioners in Dublin, I experienced first hand the distress some people go through having to deal with money. What surprised me most was that the stress was not necessarily as a result of a shortage of money as you would expect. It was in having to deal with it at all. Many paid large sums to other people to manage their money even when the tasks involved were simple.

Deep fears related to survival and security are often connected to money. When people make plenty of money they often become obsessed with trying to make more. Some dream that life will be better if they have more money. Others believe that having money is a path to happiness. Yet there are plenty of people who have very little money and are intensely happy. There is much we can learn about ourselves by investigating our thoughts and attitudes to money and allowing ourselves to come to a healthy and realistic relationship with money.

If you are interested in questioning your beliefs, attitudes and responses to money it can prove to be a very worthwhile exercise. I can offer you the personalized support to help you explore your relationship to money and the impact it has on your work or business life and your personal relationships. This will help you to identify if you have an effective strategy already or if you need to develop one.  



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