What do you need right now?

This can sometimes be a hard question to answer. You may know you need help and support but not be clear who to turn to.

To help you find what you need as soon as possible Mary would like an opportunity to talk to you; on the phone, in person or via Skype, for an introductory conversation. This conversation ought to provide you with sufficient information to help you to weigh up your options. If you are interested in finding out more, contact Mary today to set up a conversation.

Mary understands how much time and effort it can sometimes take to find the right therapist.

Since psychotherapy practitioners vary quite considerably in the service they provide it can be almost impossible to decide which one may best meet your needs without some further information.

Mary considers it reasonable to expect to be given clear parameters of what to expect from a professionally qualified and accredited psychotherapist. What can generally be expected of both therapist and client needs to be known in advance for both parties to be able to make an informed choice whether to engage in psychotherapy or not. Although credit and responsibility for participation and engagement rests with the client, the therapist has a significant and active role to facilitate the development of a collaborative and ethical therapeutic relationship.

Mary's approach is well grounded and based on sound academic research.

Psychotherapy with Mary is not likely to fix your problems or to make your life easier. What it may offer you is a sound account of what it means to be a flourishing human person. In this context what you will learn from conversations with Mary most closely follows that of the founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung.

In his book The Practice of Psychotherapy Jung says that,

The principal aim of psychotherapy is not to transport the patient to an impossible state of happiness, but to help them acquire steadfastness and philosophic patience in the face of suffering.

Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Volume 16, 185.

Having listened carefully to your needs Mary will give you an overview of what you may reasonably expect. It is very natural to feel uncomfortable feelings at certain times. People have found it useful to learn about the general patterns and pitfalls of the human condition. All too often people think there is something seriously wrong with them when there is not. Knowledge can indeed be power when it comes to learning how your mind functions and how it may both help and hinder you.

Mary has researched the common ground between psychology and Christianity.

Western thought can be said to be rooted in the the philosophical tradition of ancient Greece. Aristotle's work is still of considerable practical value. The philosophical thread can also be traced in the Christian tradition. This is a generally held view irrespective of whether people are believers or not. 

As a frequent witness to intense, heated and often irrational comments whenever the topic of Christianity is mentioned Mary became curious about this. This interest culminated in her undertaking PhD level research at Trinity College Dublin on the common ground between Jung's Analytical Psychology and theology in the Christian tradition.

Mary's research findings enable her to offer a level of support that works with the spiritual depth of each person as a natural part of the human condition.  Exploring what it means to be a flourishing human person is at the core of her work. In the ancient Celtic tradition this service was understood as a soul friend who helps a person to recognise the movement of the spirit which can easily get lost in the turmoil of daily life. In more recent times the term Spiritual Direction is possibly the closest professional description. The word that best describes this sort of deep inner work is found in the Irish language - Anamchara -  soul friend. This Spritual Direction / Anamchara service is additional to Mary's expertise and experience as an accredited psychotherapist and supervisor and contributes to the uniqueness of the service Mary provides.

The benefit of this ancient wisdom is that although the times we live in have changed, the human condition has not. This sound philosophical foundation enables Mary to assist people to explore their personal situation in greater depth irrespective of whether they are believers of any faith tradition or not.  

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