So what is SuperVision?

Psychotherapy and SuperVision are also two separate activities with differing aims and goals. SuperVision is distinct from supervision as it is known in some other professions where it can be more akin to line management.

SuperVision is a process of critical reflection on a person's work. This can enable transformative learning to take place. Increasing awareness of the many intricate aspects of human relationship is often a primary task of SuperVision.

SuperVision at its best provides a place to discover and develop your talents in a safe, but challenging learning environment. The SuperVision process is grounded in a mutually negotiated professional alliance between Mary and the supervisee (the person seeking SuperVision).

The 'Client Testimonials' page will give you some sense of how others found the experience of working with Mary. 

SuperVision is currently an on-going requirement in counselling, psychotherapy, and many other therapeutic disciplines.  However other professionals have increasingly found SuperVision invaluable.  Lawyers, managers, tax consultants, complementary therapeutic practitioners, spiritual directors, Gardai, fire service personnel, and those in religious life are some examples. The support, privacy and the benefit of another professional perspective from outside their particular field can prove worthwhile.

SuperVision provides an opportunity to explore work or business related issues from a personal perspective with view to Continued Professional Development (CPD) which is increasingly becoming a requirement in many professions, particularly for those people who meet others in a personal way as part of their work. CPD certificates can be provided where required.

The word ‘SuperVision’ is deliberately presented here differently. The depth of meaning of the process of SuperVision itself is better captured by this particular representation. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines ‘Super,’ as excellence, which parallels the suggestion that good SuperVision will always strive for excellence even in the face of adversity. ‘Vision’ is defined as ‘the faculty or state of being able to see’ or ‘the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.’ These definitions best summarises what can happen in effective SuperVision when we are willing to embrace aspects of ourselves that may be  ignored elsewhere.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

C. G. Jung 

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