"I read an article Mary wrote in the psychotherapy journal Inside Out in 1999 and was inspired by its clarity and insightfulness. Her approach coincided with my broader needs and this has enabled me begin to realize my potential. I found Mary's energy based perspective profound, practical and realistic. The process takes place in an atmosphere of mutuality, trust, safety, support, fun and challenge. This kind of synergy fostered a freedom and spontaneity which empowered me to give voice to my own innate wisdom. I have been dumb struck at times by the sheer power and clarity which I experience as a result of our work together. I would encourage anyone to contact Mary if they are open to change and willing to embrace a new approach."   M.P.H. Dublin

"I got her name from a list and was anxious prior to our first meeting. The experience was not what I expected and has been a much more positive and enlightening experience. The word challenge is what sticks out for me. I trusted Mary to be able to open up about my past and was received with respect. Therapy was never forced or led and this gave it a spontaneous feel which I enjoyed. In totality this experience was invaluable and far exceeded my expectations."   D. P. Dublin

"Referred by a colleague, first time at therapy and not sure what to expect – has been a learning experience. I valued very much that Mary didn’t interfere in my process. The power balance was very good. I would have no hesitation in referring a person to Mary. I would encourage them to talk about their expectations, what they need etc."
M. Mc F Dublin

"I was tentative about making contact. The initial phone call caused me to relax and proceed mainly because of the attitude of welcome I experienced. I like the therapeutic space Mary holds, she is comfortable with ‘not knowing’. I appreciate the sense of not being judged which gives me the safety to take the risks I need to. The energy awareness in the work allows me to discover non-verbal possibilities and a greater zest for living. I am reminded of personal responsibility and choice. I would recommend Mary because I have confidence in her work."   K. T. Dublin

"I liked the fact we are like minded people, my preference is for a holistic form of healing. I felt I was listened to and helped to achieve my goals. I found the therapeutic relationship different to anything I experienced before. The power balance was equal and the approach clear and concise. The sessions were stimulating and supportive with the emphasis being on my needs. I would say to others who may be thinking of contacting Mary, I found her genuine sincere and supportive."   Y. B. Navan

"I was referred by a colleague, told Mary was‘very good’. Making contact was clear and easy. I was glad I made contact and it worked out well. She is sound and well grounded. I learned a lot by the way she conducted sessions."   M. B. Dublin

"I got her name from a list of Accredited Psychotherapists on the web and decided to take a chance. I have felt very safe with Mary and we have gone to quite deep places. I like how present and alert she is and the gentle way she brings me back when I wander off. I find her to be a grounded down to earth person who challenges me in a way I can hear. When I refer people to Mary I tell them she won't waste their time or hers if it's not working."   A.C. Dublin

"I picked up a leaflet and made contact. I expected the first meeting to be relaxed and casual. I was surprised when Mary set very clear boundaries. I was a bit overwhelmed at the time, but looking back this was the right approach for me. I would certainly recommend Mary to other people but would tell them that they need to be prepared to work!"   D. B. Dublin.

Hard work may leave us tired but most things that are worthwhile cannot be achieved without effort.

Photograph taken at the Durrow Scarecrow Festival in Co. Laois, Ireland.


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